The Bali Volcano Race, was born with the aim of offering runners and their companions the possibility to discover Bali and its many charms that offer its landscapes, its culture and its people.
For this reason, we have created a program of activities parallel to the race for all those companions who wish.
It is not only about knowing and discovering this beautiful island of Indonesia, but also the program invites you to combine it with the follow-up of the event, so that the companions can witness the departures and arrivals of the different stages, as well as witness the race in one of its points.
A phenomenal way to share this experience with companions and family.
Likewise, for those who wish, in addition to the companion program, we offer a number of possibilities to make extensions of stays in Bali after the test. These extensions will allow you to discover and enjoy the Balinese charms after the race. Temples, spa, beaches, gastronomy ... check our extensions and get more juice as you pass through the Bali Volcano Race.