Every participant in the BALI VULCANO RACE must have full knowledge of the risks involved in a test of these characteristics and assume that he participates under his own responsibility. In case of not having coverage insurance directly, the Organization makes available to the participants three insurance options to which they can adhere as risk coverage.
All participants in the BVR must be in possession of this insurance. It covers (among others) the mountain rescue, the necessary medical and hospital assistance and the repatriation required by accident occurred during the participation in the race.
The organization can process insurance of these characteristics to the runners of Spanish nationality, through the license of the Spanish mountain federation

Participants who wish to do so may optionally contract an inscription cancellation insurance that covers the recovery of the total amount paid in case of inability to participate in the test provided that it is for a justified cause such as:
Serious illness (when it implies hospitalization or carries a risk of imminent death) not detected before hiring; accident or death of the insured himself, his spouse or common-law partner or his ascendants or descendants of first and second degree (parents, children, brothers, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law or in-laws) ... etc.
Cost: € 100

1. Cancellations until September 30 return of: 100%
2. Cancellations from October 1 to November 15, 80% refund of registration
3. Cancellations from November 15 will not be refunded any amount

CANCELLATIONS without coverage
If you have not contracted any cancellation insurance, no amount will be refunded regardless of the cause of the cancellation.
In no case will the refund include the amount of insurance contracted in any of the modalities.
The insured must present the original and dated documents that prove the fact that motivates the activation of the coverage (medical, hospitalization, death certificates, etc.)