Date to be determined


Dear runner and friends, unfortunately we have to report that due to the existing situation regarding the COVID19 pandemic, we are forced to postpone the race until 2021, on a date yet to be determined. Despite the fact that there are still several months for the event, we cannot assure that the restrictive measures for the protection of the population allow us, when the date is reached, to hold the event. The preparations for the test must be made well in advance, and in view of this uncertainty, we cannot implement all the necessary logistics and this makes us make this tough decision. We feel all the setbacks and inconveniences that can be generated with this decision. All those registered to date will receive a 100% refund of their registration. We hope to count on your support and your presence in the expected first edition of the Bali volcano Race. 2021



A new concept of trail running is born. The Bali volcano Race arrives with the aim of being a reference in the world of the trail with the idea of ​​combining sport, nature and tourism, to offer an authentic experience for athletes, family and companions.
In an idyllic environment such as the island of Bali, with many sporting, natural and cultural attractions, we offer a three-day trail running test, with three stages that will delight the runners. Three demanding stages, but at the same time, available to any moderately trained athlete.
The tour will allow you to discover many of the emblematic corners of the island. Temples, rice fields, beaches, and of course, the ascent to one of its most famous volcanoes, the 1717 m Batur volcano. Tall
The Bali Volcano Race, is aimed at runners, but also at their companions, with a program that allows tourism to be combined with the monitoring of the event. And after the race, you can also enjoy some of the multi-day tourist packs, which we offer from the Bali Volcano Race to get more out of the visit to this wonderful island.