The Bali Vulcano Race is a race that takes place in the natural environment and without assistance during its journey. Therefore,  material that each runner must carry during the race is important to face possible problems that may arise during the stages.

This material is compulsory and can be requested by the organisers at any time during the race. It is not possible to participate in the race without carrying the following obligatory material:


● Backpack.

● Water containers with a total volume of at least one litre.

● Glass or container to drink at the refreshment posts (for environmental reasons, and to reduce plastic waste, no plastic cups will be offered at the refreshment posts, each runner must bring their own).

● (stage 3) Headlamp + suplementary batteries, minimum recommended 150 lumens.

● GPS with loaded tracks of the different stages.

● Whistle.

● Survival blanket.

● Rain protection garment.

● ID card or Passport.

● Supplementary food for each stage.


Participants who abandon elements of their personal equipment should inform the camp manager of the Organization. Naturally, none of these elements must correspond to the obligatory material. Since this is a race considered as a " self-sufficiency" in terms of technical material, no runner may receive any external assistance.