The three stages of Bali Volcano Race will enable the participant to enjoy all the landscapes of Bali. From the beaches in the area of Tabanan, to the volcano Batur in the area of Kintamani, passing through the wonderful area of the lakes of Bedugul . Three phases that combine perfectly the different landscapes: the Balinese mountain, the forest, waterfalls, beaches and paddy fields . A journey that will add a total of 125 km. in three days, with a positive height of approximately 7,550 mts.


The island of Bali, also known as the island of the Gods, an earthly paradise you will surely want to return to.
With its thousands of temples, its beautiful rice paddies, its wild nature in form of lakes, waterfalls, beaches and volcanoes, along with the friendliness of its people and their healthy and rich gastronomy, will make your participation in the Bali Volcano Race is more than a career, a unique experience.

The three stages that will make up this first edition of the Bali Volcano Race, are designed to discover the most outstanding charms of Bali. It will have a total distance of approximately 125 km and a positive slope of about 7,550 meters.

Stage 1. Approximate distance 42 km. Positive slope 1,300 m.

Kedugun Beach - Rice terraces of Jatiluwih

A first stage that will serve as a contact. A fairly affordable route at a technical level, with enough areas to run and without saving large slopes. Since the concentration hotel, we will go by bus of the organization, Until the exit of stage 1 on the beach of Kedugun. The first 10km. Of the stage pass through some of the most paradisiacal beaches of Bali, Characterized by its black sand and famous for its great possibilities for surf practice.

The terrain in these first kilometers has no major difficulties, without however, the sand and water of the beaches will make them hard. They must go through several river mouths where it will be inevitable to get your feet wet.

Then, we will move away from the beach in the north direction and the terrain will begin to rise progressively, crossing small typical balinese towns, along roads and paths very suitable for trailrunnning.  To as we move away from the beach the vegetation will begin to change and the rice terraces, also typical of Bali, will begin to make their appearance.

The the goal of this first stage will be located on the rice terraces of Jatiluwit. Declared a World Heritage Site since 2012. A spectacular arrival for this first stage.

The meaning of the name "Jatiluwih" is perfectly suited to what you will see, because in Balinese, "Jati" means "really" and "Luwih" "wonderful." That is, the meaning of Jatiluwih is "really wonderful."

Once in goal, the buses will take us to the next town from Bedugul, where we will recover from this first stage.
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Stage 2. Approximate distance 42 km. Positive slope 3.350 meters

 Bedugul - Batukaru Volcano

 Bugugul is a town in Indonesia located in the mountainous region of the center of the island of Bali, next to Lake Bratan and a few kilometers from the Buyan and Tambligan lakes. Due to its altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level, it enjoys a very pleasant and comfortable climate.
Lake Bratan is the second largest lake on the Indonesian island of Bali. It is over a thousand meters high. In the beginning it was a volcano crater, which eventually flooded to become the lake it is now.

Undoubtedly, Lake Bratan with its Ulun Danu Beratan temple or water temple is the star of the area. You will recognize it because it is the image of 50,000 IDR bills. The runners who have time on arrival of the first stage will be able to enjoy a visit from it. Once you recover your strength in Bedugul, the second stage will begin. Perhaps the toughest in terms of unevenness of the entire Bali Volcano Race. From the botanical gardens of Bedugul we will ascend to a nearby volcano from where we will have extraordinary views of the lakes in the area: Bratan, Lake Buyan and Tablingan, From there, in a rapid descent, we will reach the shore of Lake Buyan and travel some Nice kilometers to the next lake, the Buyan. From there the hardest part of this stage will begin. Constant ascent to the first volcano, the Gunung Lesong about 1,862 meters above the sea surface. Its main feature is its well-defined volcanic cone and dressed in a lush forest and an interior depression of more than 100 meters. and without vegetation inside. After descending from Genung Lesong, we will go to the second ascent, a small volcanic crater approximately 2,000 meters high that will be the prelude to the third and last volcano of the day. The demanding ascent to Batukaru, the highest altitude of the area and second of the island of Bali, which has a height of 2,276 meters above sea level, from here we will descend again at the end of our stage at the foot of this great volcano. Undoubtedly, the most uneven stage of the Bali volcano Race, and also, perhaps, the most demanding. Once in goal, the coaches will move us to the town of Ubud, one of the main artistic and cultural centers of Bali (which in turn it is an artistic and cultural center of Indonesia) and as a consequence has developed an important tourism industry.

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Stage 3. Approximate distance 41 km. Positive slope 2,900 m. 

Lake Batur - Lake Batur

 The city of Ubud is located in the interior and is considered as the spiritual center of the island of Bali. A very cozy space where local inhabitants and tourists coexist in perfect harmony, between markets, Hindu temples, yoga centers, traditional restaurants, charming places and an exuberant nature. In its surroundings there are innumerable points of interest that have made this population an obligatory destination in the visit to Bali. From there we will travel by coach to the starting point of the third and final stage, Kintamani and Lake Batur. The third stage has its start at 5:00 a.m. at dawn from Lake Batur, one hour from Ubud, with which the runners will have a shorter rest period that night. The coaches will take us to the starting point of this third and final stage at 4:00 h. am. We are in another of the emblematic places of Bali, The landscapes are marked by a steep relief, dominated by Mount Batur., Considered one of the most spectacular and accessible volcanoes in Indonesia. With its 1,717 meters. above sea level, this volcano is the second holiest mountain in Bali, after Mount Agung.

 A volcano that is still active today. At the foot of the volcano extends Lake Batur. e As soon as the stage begins, the runners must ascend to this mythical Batur volcano, where the first can enjoy the sunrise from its summit, one of the most wonderful shows in Bali. After touring the entire crater of the volcano, we will descend to look for the area of lava surrounding the volcano. An arid area, of black sand that can be very demanding in the heat of the day, as well as incredible. We will head north of Lake Batur, to begin a new ascent this time towards Mount Abang of 2,150 meters. This mountain is located on the eastern edge of the Batur caldera and is the third highest peak in Bali after Mount Agung and Mount Batukaru. The volcano is considered inactive and with its quite intact and wild nature, little modified by the hand of man. The view from the top is excellent and when the sky is clear, from there, we will only need the descent again, to the shores of Lake Batur where the hot springs will facilitate recovery after this, also, demanding stage. , the coaches will take us back to Ubud, where we will enjoy our well-deserved rest and prepare for the awards ceremony that will be the end of this trailrunning experience

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