45 KM 2.800 MTS. slope. diciembre 11/2021



The start of the Batur Extrem will coincide with the start of the third stage of the Bali volcano race at 5:00 am. in the morning, in order to enjoy the sunrise at the top of the Batur volcano. 

As soon as the race begins, the runners must ascend to the mythical Batur Volcano, where the first runners will be able to enjoy the sunrise from its summit, one of the most wonderful spectacles in Bali.  

After touring the entire crater of the volcano, we will descend to look for the lava area that surrounds the volcano. An arid area, with black sand that in the heat of the day can be very demanding, at the same time as incredible.  

After running across the lava plain, we will head north of Lake Batur, to begin a new ascent this time towards Mount Abang. At 2,150 meters, Mount Abang sits on the eastern edge of the lake Batur and is the third highest peak in Bali after Mount Agung and Mount Batukaru. The volcano is considered inactive and its nature is still quite intact and wild, little modified by the hand of man. The view from the top is excellent and when the sky is clear. We will only need the descent to the sides of Lake Batur where the hot springs will make our recovery after this spectacular test.